Telemetry/Cashless – Televend Worldline

Reinvent your business with the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions able to meet the challenging and space-constrained specifications of the European Vending Association for Cashless Vending Systems (EVA-CVS).

At the heart of the terminal, a powerful new processor guarantees lightning-fast transactions. Technologies can easily be added and open the way to a wide range of communications, direct advertising and data gathering possibilities. This innovative, water resistant and vandal proof terminal has the potential to become the reference platform for unattended vending, energy, kiosk/ticketing and parking applications.

At a glance

Payment options

  • Suitable for payments with or without PIN
  • Accepts all forms of electronic payment including EMV
  • Supports business developments such as NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets


  • Maximise interaction and enrich the user experience with:
  • hardware video decoder with graphical accelerator
  • image libraries, touchscreen interaction and multimedia
  • moving-image advertising between transactions

Robust & Reliable

  • The tough, impact- and scratch-resistant glass display reduces reflectivity and offers outstanding readability. The terminal is IK 09 and IP 65 certified vandal-proof/water- and dustproof.
  • Chip-card and magstripe-card readers are selected for proven, long-term reliability

High Security

  • Meets the latest hardware and software security requirements
  • PCI PTS 4.x certified
  • Complies with SRED and Open protocol modules
  • Supports point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions
  • Delivers optimal processor security through ARM TrustZone

Big performance, small footprint

  • The terminal is powered by a fast processor running Android, delivering unequalled performance and flexibility. This reliable operating system is embedded in many platforms, devices and systems worldwide. Built-in power management, optimised through proximity detection and external signalling, reduces environmental impact and operating costs.

Terminal management

  • All standard terminal management services are available via XENTURION, which can also be used to enable new features such as video advertising and multimedia.




We bring your vending machines to life

PLUG & PLAY Installation – It takes less then 5 minutes to install Televend device into Vending machine

Bring your vending online – Connect all of your Vending machines online and have real time vends information.

Optimise your vending costs – Our advanced routing algorithms will lower your filling costs by up to 40%B

T-BOX is a small device installed into old and new vending machines. It collects all useful data from the machine and payment systems including sales, cash details and errors and sends it in real time to the cloud.

T-CLOUD gives online control of vending machines network in real time – sales and stock data, cashflow data, machine and payment system errors and remote machine settings. T-CLOUD also includes a mobile application for refill operators and servicers making their daily routine more productive.T-BOX is a small device installed into old and new vending machines. It collects all useful data from the machine and payment systems including sales, cash details and errors and sends it in real time to the cloud.

T-WALLET is a closed loop mobile app for your customers allowing quick payment with a smartphone on your machines, using only QR code or bluetooth. Interact with your customers and create customized marketing and loyalty programs.

CREDIT CARD payment rounds up Televend into a perfect turn key Payment and Telemetry solution which is deeply integrated and running in a secure PCI certified data center. Direct card (open loop) payment, flexible charging processes and real time transaction insight.

SMART ROUTING ALGORITHM helps you to drastically reduce the number of visits and to optimize your planogram. T-CLOUD enables creation of daily routes based on a smart mathematical model which helps to prioritze the visits.

GEO ROUTING optimal routes are calculated and visualized on the map, along with the time necessary to visit all of the machines, making daily route planning very fast and smart. Fillers get the sequence of visits shown on a map, so they can easily navigate through the intended route.