Stock Management
Technology – Lightspeed

LightSpeed FastTrack

Product Benefits

  • Over 20 years industry specific knowledge and experience
  • High Volume locations identified for moving short dated product
  • Full VMS integration with Cantaloupe™, Streamware™, MEI™, Vendsys™ & Validata™, ParLevel™
  • Full Micro Market integration with  365 Retailmarkets™
  • 5 Color Picklight
  • Advanced Prekit Scheduler
  • Detailed bar coded tote tags
  • Up to 3 times faster than most standard order picking systems
  • Seamless communication of all quantity and product changes to handhelds and VMS packages
  • Completely paperless
  • Auto-load option for continuously processing multiple orders
  • Detailed prekit cost anaysis-by unit, tote, route, day, week, month
  • Detailed product returns cost analysis-by unit, tote, route, day, week, month
  • Takes less than 10 minutes to train new employees

LightSpeed Mobile

Product Benefits

  • Full integration with; VMS – Micro markets – Coffee – Cold Food
  • Automatic warehouse inventory reductions
  • Communicates all changes to the kiosk and VMS automatically to ensure that accurate inventories are maintained
  • Prekit snacks, drinks, cold food, fruit, and coffee
  • Wireless warehouse system
  • Fast iPad touchscreen technology
  • Employee accountability and production tracking
  • High accurate order processing
  • Pick multiple orders simultaneously
  • Automatically optimizes warehouse pick routing
  • Real-time product substitutions
  • On-screen pictures
  • 2 day installation

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