Remote Temperature Monitoring And Fridge Locks


The FreshIQ lock has passed NAMA’s rigorous testing standards for health timer certification. The intelligent lock secures your temperature sensitive products when needed making your micro markets both health department compliant and worry free.

FreshIQ detects both power loss and faults of the refrigeration equipment; assuring only fresh food is served. If the power loss is temporary, the Fresh IQ lock will automatically unlock. The lock comes equipped with a conveniently located test switch for technicians and health department inspections. Additionally, the timer is extended for both servicing and refilling events.

FreshIQ is equipped with a LED to provide a visual indicator. The LED shines green when the unit is at temperature, assuring customers the products are fresh. The LED will flash red when a fault is detected. The sequence of flashes will indicate what type of fault was detected, saving troubleshooting time for the service technician.

Additionally, FreshIQ offers remote monitoring, fault messaging and remote unlocking capabilities.