365 Micromarkets


We Build MicroMarkets

The entire package, from the kiosk
point of sale to our 24/5 with extended weekend
hours support and online inventory management.
MicroMarkets can be installed virtually anywhere,
and we have a wide range of kiosk models
designed to meet the needs of any space.


How We Do It

Once you’ve decided on the right kiosk for
you, our team of trained experts will work
with you to prepare your site for launch, get
your equipment installed and work with
you to keep your market running great.

Why We Do It

We have a passion for connecting people with technology.
Phones, laptops and tablets have all seen remarkable growth
over the past few years, while vending has remained relatively silent.

We aim to change that.

We want to disrupt an industry that has not kept pace with
the evolution of technology, and become the new standard
for innovation within the vending industry.


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